This trial was made beetween 6.09.2018 - 18.10.2018 in  two  poultry houses . In the report  the Poultry  House without FS-3 Serus water filter is called Poultry House A, the Poultry  House wit FS-3000 is called Poultry House B. Both Houses have the same Poultry Race  ROSS 308 , same water  from pipeline, same feed, same feed addittieves and same manegment conditions.


Begin  Population Poultry House A : 8824

Begin Population Poultry House B : 8867


Cut Population Poultry House A :  8318

Cut Population Poultry House B : 8630


Mortality Rate Poultry House  A  %6

Mortality Rate Poultr y House B: %2

Both Houses were cut  18.10.2018 at a age of 41 days. The start weight was poultry  house A , was 48 gram,  Poultry House B was 51 gram. After 41 days 2715 gram, Poultry House B was 3010 gram which is a raise of 11% more meat. Actual market price is in turkey now 4,60 TL (0,85 usd)

Poultry House A :Pullets gave   20.047 kg meat .

Poultry House B :Pullets gave   25.675  kg.meat. 


Difference  between both Houses are  5628 kg. x 0,85 usd = 4783 usd more win in 41 days.


This is a higher ratio of 22% more meat between House A and House B .



When  we look FCR Rates Between both Houses:


Poultry House A: FCR  RATE  1,61

Poultry House B: FCR  RATE  1,49

Lower FCR means less feed and more meat which will reduce the costs which mean higher win.

At the end of the season:

Poultry House has made a total win of 9620 TL (1780 USD)

Poultry House has made a total win of 12683 TL (2348 USD)

Poultry House B made 31% more win than Poultry House A, which is amount of 568 usd in 41 Days.


Poultry House A


Poultry House B



151 GR.


215 GR.


435  GR.


480 GR.


910   GR.


990 GR.


1540 GR.


1620 GR.


2100 GR.


2180  GR.


2715 GR.



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